BY filter has been in filtration industry for more than twenty years. We specialize in producing all kinds of industrial air filter cartridges, filter fabrics, dust collector filter bags, filter press cloth, liquid filter bags or water filter elements, HVAC filters, air slide fabric, filter bag cages and so on. Our clients covers all industries from bag filter manufacturers, filtration solution providers, cement plants, steel plants, waste incineration, alloy smelting, sewage treatment plants, chemical factories, thermal power etc. BY filter has been striving to provide our clients with more quality filter products and better professional service.

BY Filter developing history

BY producing the original woven fiberglass;
BY starts producing woven polyester fabrics like 729;
BY starts producing simple cylinder filter bags, it was also called filter casket or filter socks;
BY made huge steps in producing filter fabrics, BY is the 1st enterprise in our city to producing nonwoven needle punched felts. We can producing polyester needle punched felts, Polypropylene(PP), Homopolymer Acrylic, pps, nomex(aramid), fiberglass, Fiberglass composite felts(FMS), Polyimide(p84)composite felts, basalt needle punched felts;
BY started to producing filter bag cages;
Member of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry Association, we know how to mix fibers and produce more kinds of filter fabrics to meet clients particular needs. We always believe suitability is the best, not the most expensive one.
We imported automatic production line from Swiss, which makes our daily output from 1500pcs too 3000pcs;
BY increased one pleated filter bag production line;
BY increased PTFE fiber production line, we can produce PTFE fibers by ourselves which greatly low down our production cost;
BY founded filter cartridge division, we can produce full ranges of filter cartridges to meet more of our clients’needs.

BY Filter have been striving for better ecological living environment for twenty years, and we will continually follow our path and contribute our efforts in making the air we breathing more clean.

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