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BY filter has been in filtration industry for more than twenty years. We specialize in producing all kinds of industrial air filter cartridges, filter fabrics, dust collector filter bags, filter press cloth, liquid filter bags or water filter elements, HVAC filters, air slide fabric, filter bag cages and so on.

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Pleated Filter Cartridge
We are an industry leading designer and manufacturer of cartridge filters, pleated filter cartridge suited to your needs and budget. Call us at +86-133 7620 0737 to order today.
Dust Filter Bag
Dust Collector Bags Suppliers - Yancheng by filter is one of the most professional dust filter bags manufacturers and suppliers in China. For more details visit us today.
HVAC Air Filter
we are the factory producing all kinds of G1-G4, F5-F9, H13-H14, HEPA & ULPA, U15-U17 filters, contact for direct factory price.
Filter Press Fabric
We are China factory produce and export all kinds of filter press fabric with all sizes at very cheap price. Material: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Vinal etc

BY filter, less emission, less replacement.

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Pulse jet bag filter type filter cartird···

pulse jet bag filter type filter cartirdge

Gas turbine filter cartridge

gas turbine filter cartridge

Twist lock filter cartridge

twist lock filter cartridge

Thread dust filter cartridge

thread dust filter cartridge

Steel top loader pleated bag filter

Steel Top Loader Pleated bag filter

Steck acrylic filter cartridges

Steck acrylic Filter Cartridges, Branded filter cartridge replacements
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Industrial Filtration for Various Industries
It is a high-tech filter manufacturer, supplied to a filter for global dealers and OEMs.
R&D - Innovative Filtration Solutions
Our highly skilled R&D department ensures certified high quality product in line with our primary goal: To continuously develop innovative filtration solutions that increase performance and reduce cost for our customers.
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