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Three 3 screws fixed filter cartridge

Description:three 3 screws fixed filter cartridge
Product Details

Three 3 screws fixed filter cartridge

Except for three screws, we can also custom 4 and 6 fixed cartridge filters. 

1. Screw fixed filter cartridges makes the tightness more safe and strong;

2. Superior characteristics: 

  • The end cover and the support net are made of imported Japanese corrosion-resistant high-quality carbon steel (0.8mm thick) to improve the support and stability of the dust filter element; 

  • The end cover is bonded with high-quality epoxy resin, which is extremely firm and has no side leakage for life (except for fire or human factors)

  • The filter cloth is made of polyester fiber material (the initial filter accuracy is 5um--17um). The special processing of the ball filter industry. 

The dust on the wall of the filter cloth can naturally fall off. After the back blow or vibration, the service life of the filter cartridge can be greatly increased. (filter accuracy ranging from 1um to 17um)